Thursday, November 15, 2012

Plastic Memo holder re-do

This memo holder was intended for my husband's desk in it's original 'before' state. I picked it up on sale for hardly anything. And I could have given it to him just like that and he would have been perfectly happy with it. I, however, thought it looked just too blah. So I decided to dress it up. 

It's a guy's desk it was going on so I couldn't make it too prissy. I scanned some old French atlas pages I have, printed them out, and adhered them to the plastic with Yes glue. I added some old original stamps (I love the imagery on stamps) and gave the whole thing a coat of varnish.  I let it dry, then added some simple vintage ribbon (really more like cord than ribbon) to the bottom. I was quite pleased with how it turned out; it looks nice on the hubby's desk.

Much better than the 'before', don't you think?


Old atlas pages scanned and printed, old stamps, plastic memo holder, vintage ribbon.

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