Monday, October 8, 2012

Buying paper crafting supplies in France and my recent stamp haul

Ever wondered what it's like to buy paper crafting supplies here in France? Although the French are getting more and more into paper crafting, there are very, very few craft stores and those that exist are limited in the products they offer. Really big American chain shops like Michael's or Hobby Lobby do not exist. There is a chain of craft stores in France called Loisirs et Création, but they're mainly in big cities like Paris and Lyon. Geneva, Switzerland, the biggest town close to us, has only one craft shop, and this in a town of around 200,000 people (they have nice things though and I'm so glad they're there!). With less choice, comes increased price. Craft supplies here are incredibly, incredibly expensive. This all means I shop fleamarkets, specials and order most of my supplies online.

There's an office supply store not far from us with a petite corner devoted to paper crafts. I stopped by there the other day and picked up these new stamps from the French company Aladine (one of my favorites). To give you an idea of how expensive things are here, these stamps, from a French company, are less expensive for Americans to buy in the States, than for me to buy here in France.

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