Friday, April 19, 2013

Where to buy authentic French vintage ephemera in Lyon, France and online

A few posts back I showed a card I made with old catalog paper I bought at a shop I recently discovered in Lyon, France. The name of the shop is Les Ateliers de Marinette and it's located on a quiet street in the old town section of Lyon.

It's a fantastic shop and I thought lovers of all things vintage (like me!) might enjoy seeing a bit of it. Much cheaper than a plane ticket, don't you think?

 Now the good thing is you don't have to fly to France to buy from them. You can order from Thibault, the nice young man who owns it, online through his site

If you're a old paper lover though, and you just happen to be in Lyon, it's definitely worth a visit.


Pammejo said...

I love finding shops with vintage findings, your shop that you find your creative cache in looks fabulous.

Colleen Dietrich said...

It's not looking likely that I'll be visiting France anytime soon (budget), so I'm glad they ship! Thanks for the link, Shani!

Denise Fletcher said...

Would love a rummage in there!

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