Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celebrity Cruises – making art on the waves

My husband and I enjoyed our vacation.We spent some time in two of our favorite European cities – Venice and Rome. In between city visits, we squeezed in a cruise. I have to admit that as an American, one of the things I enjoy most about living in Europe is the short distance to cities that before would have involved expensive overseas flights to get to. 

Art classes are a new feature of Celebrity Cruises. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I took sketching, watercolor, and drawing classes and made a resin ring and a memory wire bracelet in the jewelry classes. It wasn't so much that any of this was new to me, it wasn't, but it was a fun way to create on vacation. I always have my small sketch book and pens in my purse, but finding time to stop and do that isn't always easy. This was a way to take a break in the day and just create. The gentleman in the apron there is Armando our teacher and super nice guy. 

Some of my creative haul.

I especially like the ring.

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