Friday, June 2, 2017

A sad day for the planet

The Hotel de Ville in Paris turned its facade green last night, a sign of France's commitment to the Paris Agreement on combating climate change. The United States now joins only two other countries in the world – Syria and Nicaragua – who will not participate in the agreement.

Global warming is real and as the second greatest emitter of carbon emissions on the planet (China's the first) the United States' participation in the agreement and global leadership will be sorely missed.

Anyone doubting global warming and what is happening to our planet, need only look at the Weather Channel's current homepage. We're beginning to see the effects of global warming already; what planet will future generations inherit? So sad.


JanR said...

Yeah. Trump. Pffft. (I figured I should keep it polite. ;-) )

Fanny DG said...

Ce sont des personnes qui pensent quils sont à l'abri dans leur maison et le malheur des autres, on s'en fout !! Cest triste mais tellement égoïste et une marque d'ignorance. .. enfin, que Dieu vient zn aude de toutes ces personnes victimes des dérèglement de la planète.

lisa808 said...

I agree totally. If only we had Hillary...

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