Sunday, November 30, 2014

A badge for upcoming National Handwriting Day January 2015

I don't normally observe this kind of holiday, but in this case I'm making an exception. There was a recent segment on French news that cursive handwriting was no longer being uniformly taught in American Schools. As cursive is rigorously taught in French schools (and with a fountain pen no less!) this was scandalous enough to the French they found it newsworthy. I was not aware of this. I went to the internet in search of information, hoping this was just a case of American bashing. Alas no, it is the truth; American Schools under Common Core State Standards Initiatives no longer require that cursive handwriting be taught. I was shocked. How could something so important, such a fundamental part of our identities and our ability to express ourselves, no longer be taught? Not even to have a signature? How can this be acceptable? I find this very sad.

I wanted to show my support for the upcoming National Handwriting Day in January 2015, but could not find a badge to proudly display on my blog, so...I have made one.

If you too support cursive handwriting and its continuing importance in our society feel free to copy this badge and place it on your blog, Facebook, etc. Just right click on the image and save it to your computer.


lisa808 said...

Thanks for the badge. It is disgraceful that schools are stopping teaching script writing. I can still remember being in school and how exciting it was to start learning script in 3rd grade. It is also a shame that the next generation won't even know what a black board is (most schools now use smart boards).

Suzanne said...

How sad. I had heard rumours about this. You can discover so much about a person if you just look at their handwriting. Things that were so valued once have gone by the wayside.

I'm glad at least the French aren't giving up on traditions yet.


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