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La Croix-Rousse market in Lyon, France

Let's take a break from cards and Christmas, shall we? I've mentioned here before that I'm a sucker for markets. Oh, yes, I certainly am. In any French town, on any visit, I always try to find a market. I check in the guide books to see what days they're on and try to plan my visits accordingly. This last weekend my husband and I were in Lyon, France (his family lives in the area so we visit often) and we paid a visit to the La Croix-Rousse market on Saturday. This is Lyon's biggest market.

Lyon has become my favorite city in France and this neighborhood, La Croix-Rousse, is one of my favorites. It's on a hill above the center of Lyon and walking up to it you will get your exercise.

This is the Montée de la Grand Côte. It connects the lower part of the the neighborhood to the upper plateau (where the market is). This is a very old part of town and this street dates back to the middle ages and before. There are Roman ruins in this area.

It's a funky part of town. Trendy, but not too snobby, a little bit cruddy. Real. Lots of artists, cafés, avant-garde clothing boutiques. Not to be missed in my opinion. Here's a little street art for you.

And now...on to the good stuff, the market! As I said, this market is BIG, whatever you're looking for, whatever your tastes, you will find it here.

These are Crosnes, a root vegetable. I've never seen them in the States so I had to look them up on the internet to have their English name. Apparently, they're Chinese Artichokes in English. I think I'll stick with Crosnes, sounds more poetic, don't you think? I know they look like worms, but they're tasty, tasty!

These Chanterelles mushrooms look delicious. 

You can buy pumpkin already sliced.

These twiggy looking things are Bâtons de Réglisse. They come from the root and stalk of the Réglisse plant. Réglisse is licorice in English. You can actually chew on a bâton if you like, people do, or use it in cooking. It's a popular flavor here. It also has medicinal qualities.

You won't hardly ever see iceberg lettuce in France. No great loss in my opinion; I prefer a leafy salad, made with fresh greens like this.

Clementine oranges are delicious! Seedless, juicy and sweet! Kind of pretty too, don't you think?! These come from Corsica.

I don't think chicken or duck gets much fresher than this, unless it's still alive. Seeing the head still on the bird, or the hoof on the ham, turns a lot of people off. I understand that, but in my opinion it's less hypocritical. If you're going to eat meat, realize it's an animal, and not just some thing wrapped in plastic you buy in the supermarket.

I love endive, anyway you cook it. Or don't cook it for that matter. It's downright tasty raw! Toss it with some olive oil, some walnuts, sprinkle on a little blue cheese and there you go!!!

And you have to have bread, there's plenty of that around too.

Kind of makes you want to cook, doesn't it? Or eat. Or have someone cook for you. Oh, Honey, Chéri, are you reading this?

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