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L'amour du chocolat ! For the love of chocolate—vintage Paris style!

I'm sharing with you today, a special little something I find so stunning, I thought you might enjoy it too. I was coming back from the States with a layover in Paris recently and found this chocolate bar, the size of an envelope, in a boutique there. It's by designer Marie Bouvero, whose chocolate creations all sport stunning vintage packaging. Isn't it gorgeous! I bought two as gifts. I'm sure they taste just as wonderful as they look, but I don't know if I were to receive one I'd want to open itit's so pretty I'd hate to spoil it!


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm with you on not wanting to open it! It's gorgeous! But go ahead, indulge, and then I fully expect we'll all see this fabulous wrapper and elastic cord in a future project! Thanks for sharing! It's a little work of art!

  2. DOH, I reread it and you said you bought them as gifts. You should gift one of them to YOURSELF. :)

  3. When I first saw the picture I thought it was a card you made. What a gorgeous chocolate bar wrapping. Even as much as I love chocolate, I don't know if I could open it.

  4. i also thought it was a card you made!!! wow this is one beautiful and i am sure yummy gift :)

    not sure i could open it but seeing how i am a chocolate fiend i am sure i would find a way while saving the pretty wrapper ;)

  5. Wow!! Il est tellement beau l'emballage que j'hésiterais à l'ouvrir!! Un trésor pour les yeux et j'imagine que le chocolat est à la hauteur aussi ;o)


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