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Paris Street Art

My husband and I are just back from a few days in Paris. There's always something to do in Paris, exhibitions, shows, museums, restaurants, and we love all that, but to me, what I love most about Paris, is just being there. I like walking down the streets, looking in the shop windows, seeing what people are wearing, stopping for a drink in a sidewalk café and watching the human show go by. We had fantastic weather while we were there—warm and sunny every day—which made just being there that much better.

One thing I notice in Paris is the street art. Sometimes, it is just graffiti with no merit at all, and other times I can't help but appreciate it as art. Some of it is very, very good. It makes you stop and think, like the baby in the bucket (see the LV logo?) or the little girl bottom center below (same artist and a poignant message in each), or our president in the top bottom right (I admit I laughed at this one).

In theory, I'm opposed to this. Defacing private and public property is wrong. And yet...I can't help but be moved by some of it, moved enough to stop and take a photo.


  1. I feel the same way about New York - just being there gives me energy and a happy spirit! Love these harem pants and great zebra, a cool city look. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. I also adore walking around Paris just observing. There are so many things to look at.

    LOVE that t-shirt! I tried to paint my own sweater version of that a couple of years back since I really like the zebra.

    I'm also a huge fan of street art.

    You look like you'd fit right into the French fashion scene in this.

    Glad you had great weather. So nice for strolling the streets and soaking in the atmosphere.


  3. Awesome street art and you look so cute in that adorable and comfortable looking outfit!

  4. The street art is wonderful , especially as you pointed out those with a particular meaning. Love your outfit, perfect for many hours of wandering . I am planning a trip to Paris next year so your post was most inspiring.

  5. Sitting in a cafe and people watching is a fun pasttime! I agree with you on graffitti, but some is photo-worthy! Thanks for sharing your trip. Cute outfit.

  6. "In theory, I'm opposed to this. Defacing private and public property is wrong. And yet...I can't help but be moved by some of it..."

    I so agree!


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