Monday, May 5, 2014

Hats off (err...I mean on) in Lyon, France and the rue Sergent Blandan

I love hats and I'm so glad to see they're becoming more and more popular. A wonderful French town for hats is Lyon. I don't know why the Lyonnais appreciate their hats so, but apparently they do. Walk around Lyon and you'll find many a hat boutique (and believe me I have).

There's a great street in Lyon called rue Sergent Blandan in the first arrondissement. You could come and visit this street just for its historical significance alone, not stopping in a single boutique. It is, after all, one of the oldest in Lyon, dating back to Roman times.

But, that would be a BIG shame, because this street has several funky little designer boutiques just begging to be explored. Our last visit to Lyon there was an outdoor market going on in this area and I snapped a few photos from the street (the French aren't so keen on photos of their displays). These hats are from Ballade pour un Chapeau/Les Modistes, 42 rue Sergent Blandan. Aren't they fabulous?!

My other favorite addresses on rue Sergent Blandan:

L'habit-bop, 38 rue Sergent Blandan (unique clothing, hats and accessories—some are made with recycled textiles).

Il etait une fois des createurs, 21 rue Sergent Blandan (I adore this shop!!! One of a kind clothing, each piece a work of art.)

This whole area—the La Croix-Rousse— in Lyon is one of my favorite parts of town.


Shea said...

Oh, what a NICE street to visit! The hats are gorgeous! They look so little and tiny and would no doubt NOT fit my head, but I do love hats. These are so elegant and chic. So did you buy any? You know you wanted to...

Shani Thomas said...

Yes, Miss Shea, I did.

Fanny Diaz said...

Des jolis chapeaux très rétro!!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Such a fun post...and I love hats, too!

Rose said...

what a lot of fab hats!!!

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