Monday, May 7, 2018

Hybrid altered inexpensive mini-album

Hybrid altered mini-album, by Paperesse.
Mini-album front

I haven't seen one of my aunts in quite a few years. I was talking to her recently on the phone when she reminded me of that fact. She doesn't live near my closest family members so trying to work in a visit to see her when I'm back in the States is problematic.

Inside cover and intro page

She's not real computer savvy – no Skype or email – so the only way she can associate a current face with my voice is through a photo. I promised to send her some. Although, I daresay it isn't without some trepidation that I do so. When I said quite a few years, I mean a really longgggggggg time, so in her mind I look a whole lot younger than I do now. Poor thing, she's likely to get a shock. Dang! I kind of hate to burst her bubble.

Photos on the right, description on the left

I could have just sent her some photos in an envelope, but I wanted to give her something nice to see them in. And, too, if I'm going to all the trouble to print photos out, I want to protect them. I decided on one of my favorite type albums – a hybrid, altered inexpensive mini (I paid €0.79 for this one). By hybrid, I mean a blend of digital design with real, tactile printed papers and even ribbon. Since all our photos anymore are digital, I guess you could argue that any photo album is a hybrid. I like this technique so much I've even done a tutorial on it – How to alter an inexpensive plastic photo album into a one of a kind mini you'll be proud to give as a gift. Click on the link for step by step instructions. This is a great mini if you're mailing it; it's lightweight and flat.

Mini-album back

The paper I've used is retired Tactile Studio Snapshot overlays and free Keep Calm and Take Photos image. I used different paper for the inside front and back covers and made an intro page. If I have only a few photos, I like to accompany each photo with date/place information on the opposite page. A ribbon classes it up and ties it all together.

Here's what the before looks like:

I'm linking up with: Mini-album Makers Challenge May and Simply Create Too #138 – Anything But a Card.


Fanny DG said...

Ce sympa ce mini-album! J'aime comme tu l'as transformé avec des beaux papiers, simple et efficace!!

~ginny said...

What a great idea! I have made mini albums before - but what a quick and easy way to give a more 'substantial' gift of the photos! I went back and read your posted tutorial on how to make it - will have to keep an eye open at the Dollar Store for something similar. Thanks for sharing this one Shani!

lisa808 said...

Lovely gift for your aunt. I don't think she will get a shock seeing the mini album, except by your beauty and thoughtfulness.

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