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Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! and a little French bird watching

This is what I woke up to Friday morning. We've got more of the white stuff in the forecast for the weekend. There's been so much snow in the area the ski stations are actually complaining! You'd think we'd get lots of snow, living as we do on the border of Switzerland, but we're at a lower elevation, so we don't get quite as much. Sure is pretty isn't it?! Puts me in a Christmas cookie baking kind of mood.

When it gets cold and snowy like this I put out the bird feeders. We've got lots of little birds around, varieties of the chickadee family.  I put the polarizing filter on my zoom lense and waited patiently by the kitchen window to snap off a few shots.

This little Blue Tit (Mésange Bleue in French) is waiting his turn at the feeder.

This one doesn't seem too eager to yield his place though.

But when the larger Wood Nuthach (Sittelle Torchepot) turns up he runs them all off—he's a bit of a bully. For a small bird, he's got a really big beak.

I just put this suet cake out and it's already over half eaten!


  1. Anonymous8/12/12 00:14

    Rather pretty birds. I see mine in the distance, so can't decipher colors. Great shots.

  2. I'm so jealous! Your snow is all pretty and fluffy, and I love how it's clinging to the trees! Lovely pics of the birds, a nice change from the ones here in my area! So glad I saw this post! :)


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