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What's Geneva, Switzerland like in the summer?

Geneva, Switzerland's Pont du Mont Blanc and famous water jet in the background (see the rainbow in the spray?).
The Pont du Mont Blanc and Geneva's famous water jet in the background (see the rainbow in the spray?).

Sometimes we take the places we live and our surroundings for granted; we're so used to seeing them, that we don't see them. I was reminded of this recently when my husband and I spent a sunny, summer day out and about in Geneva.

Geneva, Switzerland's Place du Molard and its tower, built in 1591.
Place du Molard and its tower, built in 1591.

Geneva is a town you don't hear much about. Sure we have tourists, but not like Paris, or London, or Rome. Most people if asked would probably know that the United Nations has its European headquarters here, that they're famous for their watches, bankers, chocolates and cheese, but beyond that probably not much.

Sidewalk cafés on the Place du Molard, Geneva, Switzerland.
One of several restaurants in and around Place du Molard.

Most folks don't realize that Geneva is a French speaking Swiss city (French being one of four official Swiss languages, the other three are German, Italian and Romansh). Nor do they know that Geneva was an important city during the protestant reformation and that Jean (John) Calvin lived and died here.

It's up hill to Geneva's old town – rue de la Fontaine.

Geneva for all its international and historical importance, is a quiet town. Its old town and town center are easily walkable and if you get tired there's always a sidewalk cafe to slip into for a cool glass of Suisse rosé. It's the perfect place for us to while away a pretty summer day – or even an autumn one – right here at home.

Geneva's Place de la Madeleine.
Place de la Madeleine and more outside dining.


  1. What a lovely post! Geneva looks like a beautiful place! So nice to see other parts of the world....and you're absolutely right....we tend to take what's right close to us for granted because it's not "new". TFS!!

  2. A beaytifel town, such history. Love your cards and blog.
    Rene from OZ x

  3. Oooops, a bit of a typo there, beautiful!!!
    Rene from OZ x

  4. Je suis allée un jour mais ça m'avais l'air très agité, au moins du côté où nous étions. Beaucoup de bouchons. .. mais c'est joli, alors il faut essayer une autre fois. .
    Très belles tes photos Shani!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.


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