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Five Favorite Glue Tape Rollers for Card Making

The most important cardmaking element is the glue; you've got to have something that holds, that doesn't buckle your paper, and is easy to use. Permanent glue tape rollers tick all those boxes. To keep plastic waste at a minimum (I haven't found any yet that are recyclable), I try and choose ones with the longest tape and that are refillable. I do not use a single type. If I find one I like on sale, or at an outlet, I buy it. I normally have two or three at a time on my desk so that if one roller suddenly runs out, I can grab another one. There is a difference in price/quality. I have purchased cheap no-brand rollers and have never been happy with them. They don't roll smoothly and risk damaging your paper. Give the bargain rollers to your kids. Give a pass as well to office supply rollers that at 6m to 10m (20ft to 32ft) give you half the tape, but not at half the price.

And speaking of price...I have not given prices here as they would not apply to readers in the States and UK, where they are considerably less (lucky you!). I normally order online and have to factor in shipping costs as well, but I would say in general I pay between €5 to €11 a roller/refill. 

My current favorites are:

1) Scrapbook Adhesive's E-Z Runner Grand Refillable Dispenser. This is the one I use the most. Pros – it's a long 42m (140ft) tape, it has cartridge refills that pop in easily, it's light and feels good in the hand, and it's a snap to use. There are different types of E-Z Runner tape that work in the same roller. I prefer the ultra-strong transparent. Cons – price. A cartridge runs me around €11.00.

2) Crafter's Companion Glue Pen. Why this is called a 'pen' when it's a roller I do not know. Pros – this one is 22m (72 feet). I like to pick these up when Crafter's Companion is having a sale and I can get them at a reduced price or if I'm buying something else at the same time on their site (like my Spectrum Noir Illustrator marker refills). Cons - no refills and the tape can be tricky to use. 

3) PLUS Glue Roller Pro. This is a great roller. Pros – it's small, light and easy to use. It even has a little paper edge guide that snaps down to keep your adhesive right on the edge. The cartridge refills snap in easily. Price is reasonable. Cons – at 20m (65ft)  it's half the length of the E-Z Runner and although the initial runner and refills are reasonably priced right now, they're not always readily available and prices  vary.

4) Tombow Maxi Power Tape. This is an okay roller and if I come across some on sale, I'll buy them. It is not, however, an exceptional roller. Pros – does the job, refillable. Cons – only measures 16m (52ft), refills not easy to find.

5) Glue Dots Glue Tape. This is a great little tape roller. Pros – 22m (72ft), rolls on well, refillable, small. Cons – not always easy for me to find, price can be a little high when I do.

Scrapbooking pros will note that I have not included the popular Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (33m, 108ft) on this list. I used an ATG for years, but started having trouble with the replacement rolls. Some I could fix and get to work, some I could not, but even those I got to work required wasting a certain amount to fix and then didn't always stay fixed. The refills rolls are very, very expensive for me (three times your price in the States last time I checked), so too expensive to waste. Hence my decision to quit using the ATG and why I'm not including it here. If you're in the States, however, and the refills are so reasonably priced you don't mind taking a risk, then this just might be your best bet.

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  1. Very informative you made me take a look at EZ Runner Grand when I was at my LSS today...and I realized how much cheaper it is than the smaller version and much lighter than I I bought one! Thanks, Enabler! (;


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