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Review of Tombow Glue Pen

Tombow glue pen review – don't buy it, it doesn't glue.

Normally, if I'm going to write a post about a certain product, it's going to be one I like. Today, however, I'm going to do a post for something I don't like. Because frankly, I'm a bit ticked.

I bought this Towbow Glue Pen recently thinking it would be great for gluing down small, intricate die-cuts. I thought it would be easier than my standard gluing procedure in these cases, which is carefully applying Aleene's Tacky Glue with a toothpick.

Normally, I like Tombow products (I use this Monozero eraser all the time) and had high hopes for this pen. I was actually surprised NOT to like it. The problem with it doesn't glue. You apply the glue with the pen point, you can see it there looking wet, but before you apply it to whatever paper you're gluing it to, it looks dry, as if it's been absorbed into the paper itself. I've tried applying more, thinking maybe I just didn't apply enough. Same difference; it just doesn't glue. At all.

I thought it might be the paper I was using, but I've tried it on several types and weights all with the same doesn't stick. Candidly, it's worthless and going to the recycle bin. A complete waste of €7.00. 

To sum it up, IMHO if you're thinking about buying this pen, save yourself some money and don't.

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