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Not able to see who pinned what on Pinterest Home feed

Maybe you've noticed after your last Pinterest update that it is no longer showing who has pinned what on your home feed.

I follow a lot of crafting boards (and if you're reading this here I'd bet money you do too) and seeing who had pinned what was a determining factor as to whether or not I actually clicked on the pin to open it and find out more – be it re-pinning it myself, or actually visiting the originating site. I also liked seeing what family members and friends where pinning. Now, you have to click on the pin to see who of the many people you follow pinned it and then click again to close it. So, two steps now to see who pinned what, where none were required before.

My home feed has been reduced to a frustrating mess. And this on top of removing that cute little heart like button, that I, well, liked. Maybe if enough of us complain, they'll realize their mistake.

I've voiced my objections to Pinterest and if you'd like to as well, here's how. Click on this Pinterest Help Center link and do the following:
  • Where it says What do you need help with? choose the subject Using Pinterest/Edit settings
  • Then under Tell us more select Home feed.
  • Skip the blah, blah that appears underneath that and click on the red I still need help button. 
  • On the right had side of the screen you can fill in what you want to say for a message. I filled in the Title for your message box with Bring back who pinned what identifying info to home feed. In the Description box, you can fill in your complaint and why you want to be able to easily see who has pinned what as we did before. Be sure and click Send at the bottom.
After you send this complaint you will get an automated response trying to redirect you to other links. You can reply to this automated response with more info; I just repeated what I'd said before.



  1. I was frustrated by the exact same thing, Shani! Of course, I did the lazy thing and just stewed about it silently rather than taking a course of action. Thank you for giving me the kick in the pants! I've followed your post and lodged my complaint with Pinterest. Hopefully they will listen. Thanks for this post!

  2. Did it! Thanks for showing us how. I honestly don't use it anymore because I was mostly there to see what others had pinned.


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