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Bye, Bye Bloglovin'

Over to the right there, in my blog gadgets, I had one that gave you the option to follow me on Bloglovin'; it's gone now. Maybe you know this already, but Bloglovin' is no more. I knew something was up. Except for sporadic days here and there, it hasn't worked for me in months. I just have a white screen that says the page is not available. I asked a blog buddy of mine if she was having problems, too. She replied in the affirmative and then went on to share a link with me (from 2018, I guess I'm the last to know) showing Bloglovin' is now known as Activate. Phfff. 

I clicked around a little bit to find out more about this Activate (honestly, I find that a completely inane name). It looks like a marketing site now, enticing 'Influencers' to sign up so they can get paid for hawking products, not a site where you can follow all your favorite blogs in one place.

Paperesse is a blog for my own fun. As I've stated in the Disclaimer above, it isn't monetized and if I influence anyone on anything, I hope it's in spending less, making crafting more affordable and rewarding. 

I have tried to deactivate my account in Bloglovin', but get an error message. I completed a contact form in the Help section to try and delete both my account and blog (which I had claimed). I'll update this post when/if I hear back from someone.

If you use/have used Bloglovin', I'd be curious to know your experience with it in the comments below.

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  1. I don't use Bloglovin' so I can't really comment on that....but I hear ya about your blog being for fun and not for money. It's not so bad with craft blogs, but have you ever tried to follow a recipe from a blog using your phone? There's usually so many ads, and pop ups you can barely see the recipe. I get that some people are supplementing their income this way (and for the more successful, it is their income) but whatever happened to sharing for sharing sake? I'll get off my soapbox now. (:


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