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you're on Pinterest and would like to follow me, or IF you'd like to easily scroll through all Paperesse's 800 plus cards (newest cards first), click HERE or on the PINTEREST link underneath my photo to the right (web version).

I did something a few years back that I have recently come to regret. Fed up with force-fed ads and unwanted pins, not being able to easily identify and see only the pins of the people I was following (and I still don't like that btw), I pulled the plug on Pinterest and deleted my account.

Fast forward to this month...googling my blog (curious to see if I show up) I realized more of my  cards/projects/posts show up as Pinterest pins with links back to Pinterest, than direct links to my blog. These Pinterest links normally show the original blog link, which makes me wonder if  Pinterest may be driving more traffic to my blog than Google.

I don't publish Paperesse for any monetary gain, it's just for fun, BUT I have to admit that if I'm going to all the trouble to create, photograph my creations, write a post, and actually publish it, I want other like minded folks to be able to find it, hence my reappearance on Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!


  1. Anonymous31/1/24 19:07

    So very glad I found your site. I wanted inspiration for the Presscut scalloped semi circle die that I have had so long and not known how to use. Thank you regards Valerie

    1. Great, Valerie! So glad you found some ideas for your die.

  2. It's great that all your cards are easily seen in one place. Have to admit, I'm a big fan of Pinterest....I use it all the time. (:


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